SPA Awards 2018 Are Now Open Until March 15!


Hello lovely CfJers, just a quick reminder that the annual Student Publication Association National Awards are now open until March 15!

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You won't believe what happened to me last week: my Watergate


Ever watched a movie and witnessed something so bizarre in it you couldn’t help but wonder if it would ever happen to you in real life?

It happened to me last week, chasing a story for a print assignment due this week concerning a follow up to a notable death last year in a car park close-by.

Now, I’ve had to jump through hoops to interview the former MP of Kingston and Surbition, climb mountains to interrogate everyone’s favourite Mysterious Girl Peter Andre, but have never found myself in a Woodward/Bernstein meets Deepthroat position for a story before.

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Year 2 radio news day teams


Here are the teams for the year 2 radio news day this Wednesday, 21 February. I'm looking for a male and female presenter for my team.

Laura's presenters are Holly Tidwell and Callum Macavoy.

Please let me know if you want to do this. I'm giving preference to people who haven't presented a radio or TV programme yet.

Conference is at 0900 on Wednesday: my team in the big newsroom and Laura's in her office, the TV studio.




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This year's Bob Friend Scholar is... Laerke Christensen


I have word from Millbank that white smoke has just emerged from chimney above the glass box in the Sky News studio, meaning that this year's Bob Friend scholar has been chosen.

Many congratulations to Year 2 student Laerke Christensen, who has emerged just ahead after what I'm told was an incredibly difficult decision by the final judging panel: Peter Diapre of Sky News, and Tim Luckhurst and Angela Harrison from the Centre for Journalism.

Finalists Alex Crean, Isabel Muller Eidhamar and Frazer Norwell should also be incredibly proud of their performances today in what is a very high pressure situation. They have all enhanced the centre's reputation greatly.

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AWESOME 360 VIDEO OPPORTUNITY - apply by Monday 19th Feb at 5pm


The Centre has been offered the incredible opportunity to cover the Table Tennis World Cup in London next Friday the 23rd of February. We have been asked to produce a short 360 video about the event. 

Our lecturer Laura Garcia is looking for TWO ASSISTANTS to help plan, shoot and edit this project. 

Want to get in on it? Send a paragraph with a proposal on how to cover this event in 360 video by Monday 19th Feb at 5pm to

EVERYBODY can apply - Yr3's we can rearrange your solo newsday to Thursday. Expenses will be covered.

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Missing laptop charger cable


Hi everyone, I left a HP laptop charger cable in the small newsroom yesterday and it isn't here today. The laptop needs charging and has some very important documents on it so if anyone happens to see the charger cable around please let me know. I'm in the small newsroom a lot, so it'd be even better if I got it in person. 

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A little less consultation, a little more action


(This piece was initially published on Backbench UK here, you can find my profile here, and if you're really interested - my final project should be done at the end of March)

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I flew with Aerosparx - and it was unbelievable



Formation flying is one of those things you can never really portray in a video. You can be the best cameraman in the world, using the most advanced technology, but it will still be impossible to convey just how unbelievable, beautiful and faintly unnerving it is to look out the window of an aircraft and see another one so close alongside that its wingtip is just a metre or two under your feet.

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Placements at Peston on Sunday


As Kishan explained during his excellent session in the newsroom, there is a chance for two students from the Centre to spend a little time at Peston on Sunday.

To secure this superb opportunity, you should send Kishan and me one side of A4 setting out what you think of one edition of Pesaton on Sunday (this week's or next) and some suggestions for improvement.

Add a couple of paragraphs about yourself and, curcially, why you think you wopuld do a good job at PoS.

Kishan's e-mail address is kishan dot koria at itv dot com and you probably know that I am 


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Shortlisted candidates for 2018 Sky Bob Friend Scholarship





Many thanks to every student who submitted an entry to this year's competitition. The standard was truly excellent.  However, the panel has reached a unanimous decision. The shortlisted candidates who wlll travel to Sky's Millbank studios in central London next Friday for interview and test are: Laerke Christensen, Alexander Crean, Isabel Muller Eidhamar and Frazer Norwell. We will arrange a detailed briefing for the shortlisted candidates early next week.  Feedback for those who did not make the shortlist will also be available on request. Thanks again to all who competed. It was a privilege to read so many thoughtful submissions. Huge congratulations to those shortlisted.   

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