A sprinkle of Disney Magic

I’ve just spent the most wonderful weekend in Disneyland Paris with my boyfriend. The past weekend made me think about magic. No not wave your magic wand and a dress appears magic, nor the slight of hand version of magic. What I mean are the tiny bits of magic we sometimes take for granted.


A Guide to the Michelin Guide

“Consult the MICHELIN Guide gastronomic destinations around the world and discover the best restaurants and talents.”

Every year a little red book is published, a book in which specific gastronomic ‘experts’ judge and rate the very finest of the culinary world. They do this by dishing (ha-ha) out up to a maximum of three stars to whom they believe to be the best deserving restaurants and restaurateurs alike. That book is called the Michelin guide. The same company that make car tyres. Cuisine…and car tyres.

Top 5 weirdest experiences at a student house party

As a university student I am often asked by my family or friends, from back home, what I do at uni apart from studying. I usually simply answer that I either go to the library, hang out with friends or go to a few house parties. 

However, I am well aware that if you aren’t a student you cannot really picture what a typical house party entails.  So to all of you reading this, if any, let me enlighten you with a few of my weirdest experiences that have occurred to me and people that I know.

Premier League Preview - 17 January 2020

As we approach Gameweek 23 of the 2020 Premier League, it's that time again to begin licking our lips at the propsect of some quality football. Whether you're heading down to the pub with your mates, watching it at home, or making your significant other suffer through ninety minutes, this weekends fixtures look to be a tasty prospect. So here's your weekend round-up, starting with Saturdays clashes: 

Saturday (source for information: www.premierleague.com