NCTJ Writing and Reporting this week




At Monday's class last week we decided to cancel the 4pm class tomorrow (Monday 29 January) and instead have a 2-hour class on Tuesday 30th - just for this week.

This is so that we can run a full 2-hour NCTJ mock on Tuesday from 2pm - 4pm.   

Please refresh your memory of the Editors' Code and analytics (Moodle, Convergent) and look at the tips and guides for tackling this exam in Moodle (Reporting and Writing).   


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How Welfare Hurts Everyone, Including Those It Helps


               From the title of this article alone, I know some people will be horrified that I might dare to suggest giving free, unlimited welfare to those ‘in need’ is anything other than a marvellous idea. After all, we are merely the latest of several generations who’ve grown up living under nothing but the welfare state and surrounded by people who just love getting stuff for free. So being attached to what every advocate and their Nan insists is a good idea is at least understandable.

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Rearranged Year 1 Public Affairs class


All Year 1 students please note that Paul has re-scheduled your Public Affairs class next week for 1.30pm-2.30pm on Wednesday 31 January.  This will be in the main undergraduate newsroom.

This change in schedule only applies for next week: the following week will be as normal.

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Kent Echo News is LIVE


Ladies and gentlemen, it is newsday time today and that means our website is live again for the day!

So if you haven't already, CLICK HERE for our live coverage of Kentish and national news!

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Time up for Wenger


As an Arsenal fan I can only remain as impartial as possible when critiquing Arsene Wenger. To do so, I try to stick to the facts as much as possible.

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No public affairs classes today


There will be no public affairs classes today for either Year 1 undergrads or for the MA group.

We will reschedule both soon.

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International advisor and mentors are here to help



 Please do get in touch if you want to talk over any problems.

 You can email Lesley at

 You can  email Laerke at and Ju at 




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Court Reporting - attention Year 2s and MAs


Just a reminder that teaching for the Court Reporting module starts this Friday. Same times as last term BUT - Year 2s please note we are not in the same room. We are in G2-04 - as it appears on your timetable. MAs - same time, same place. If you are going to do this module you must make every effort to attend all sessions as time is pretty tight. 

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Term time versus Holidays

Living away from home for university is a unique experience that comes with both its perks and downfalls. But what I’m going to be focusing on in this blog post is the confusing situation you are put in as a student that no one really warns you about. What I’m talking about is living as a completely independent adult for months at a time and then having to move back home over the holidays (each a month long, not including the summer holidays) and experience yourself being reverted back to the adolescent you were treated as, as recently as the summer before university started. 
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Kent Echo is LIVE today!


Third year students are working hard on their second print newsday today and running a news website. Check out Kent Echo for all the latest Kent news and updates, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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