I can't quit Stephen Colbert. But I really need to...


I like Stephen Colbert.

That is perhaps an understatement given the fact that I have watched nearly all the opening monologues on his show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, for over a year now.

I can’t help myself. Watching Colbert in the morning is far more entertaining, although admittedly, perhaps not as informative, as listening to the Today Programme.

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BOOK REVIEW – Call Me by Your Name: The À la recherche du temps perdu of our age (?)

Having been adapted into a full-length film with unanimous, extolled acclaim, Call Me by Your Name (CMBYN) has once again become an instant best-seller in the English-speaking world. Whatever the qualities the film may be judged upon – be it its actors and actresses, its editing and directing skills, its sound and special effects, its mise-en-scène, or its cinematography and anything and everything related to it – I cannot insert any commentary to it: although the film has been released for roughly two months, I have not watched it.
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Who on Earth is writing local news?


My disdain for the local press is perhaps remarkable for someone who willingly chose a career path which will almost certainly see me working in that field. It’s not that I think it’s a poor concept – indeed, localised news is a fantastic resource in many ways, and of great value to many communities. My problem isn’t even with the content, lacking though it often is. I have nothing against totally trivial front page headlines such as “Newport man grows huge tomato” (South Wales Argus).

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Terrible tabloids, or just aimed at another audience?


During my first term I have become more aware of something I already knew about, but didn't fully grasp; the distaste some have for both the Sun and the Daily Mail. This confuses me, as, while not particularly to my taste, I don't understand the way these newspapers are looked down upon. 

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Should robots be given rights?


It is a question that's gained a lot of attention in recent months as an android robot named Sophia has been granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia.

The debate on whether or not robots should be treated like human beings has been both fascinating and scary. It is scary to think that we could be creating smart robots that will eventually become self-aware and violently stand up for their rights. If you ask me, I don't think this scenario is even plausible.

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Roll Tide? Alabama brings hope for Democrats in 2018


(This piece, without the crude ham-fisted College Ball title, was initially published on Backbench UK here, you can find my other posts for the site here)

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From the age of 10 my dream was to become a World Championship competing synchronised figure skater.  Although I was a successful solo figure skater, placing both 1st and 2nd in competitions, I succeeded most when competing alongside my team.  For those of you that won’t know, synchronised figure skating involves between 12-16 people doing the same thing at the same time side by side on

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A short guideline on how to celebrate New Year's as Russian


It was a very lovely last Reporting session of the term. There was only few of us in the class, as everyone else was freaking out about fast approaching deadlines. To make our lives easier and relax for a bit, Angela kindly let us talk about Christmas feature ideas, spreading the festive mood. While asking each other Christmas related questions, I got asked about my favourite Christmas movie and I had to give a bit more explanation on that. It might be unusual, but in russianspeaking households we do not really celebrate Christmas, which means I don't have a favourite Christmas movie.

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“ I don’t mean to be prejudiced but…”




I was helping a friend film her interview for her TV assignment and I was in for a shock.


The weather that morning was harsh and I thought to myself that the day could not get any worse.


Let me quickly digress; Oh yeah did I forget to mention that the transport system in Medway is ridiculous.

 You wake up and check the bus times like any reasonable human being before stepping out into the cold and you hope that you will only wait for a couple of minutes but then it decides to just NOT COME.

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They want that Kate, Kate, Kate


You might know her, you might have heard of her you might have had a fantasy about her in your teenage years or you just saw her pictures and thought: "Who is this girl?

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