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Robots - the journalists of the future?


New companies have emerged to connect online workers with jobs that can be cheaply and efficiently outsourced over the Internet. Gary Swart, the CEO of one of the more successful online job brokerages, oDesk, said he is seeing increased demand across the board, including for "lawyers, accountants, financial executices, even managers". And robosourcing is beginning to have an impact on journalism.

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This degree is amazing


Hello people who've never heard of me (hey Bill)!

I'm a graduate of the first ever undergraduate cohort at CfJ. This coming summer will be two years since I finished.

It's not a barrel of fish looking for jobs at the moment (lots of NEETs around), but I found a few round here (Wales, but not the bit with strong accents).

What quickly became apparent was that I had three years' work experience, doing things that you need to do in almost any job:

- get people to help you for free (like be on camera, or tell you their life story)

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Fisk faces backlash for criticising war reporters


Robert Fisk has attacked coverage of events in Syria, saying 'There's something faintly colonialist about all this'. He claims:

- That the "heroic myth" of the war correspondent has pervaded the public's consciousness to such an extent that journalists sent to cover conflicts now regard themselves as more important than the people on whom they are reporting.

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This nearly made me drop my newspaper


Remember that guy we all laughed at in school - you know, he thought giraffes had long necks cuz their ancestors stretched to reach the high-up leaves? How could he fail to realise that it's random mutations that cause evolution, which are then reinforced through 'survival of the fittest' style environmental pressures? I mean, duh!

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So confess - who bought yesterday's NoW?


I forgot in the end, but intended to (story of my life). Anyone get a compy for posterity (Alan, I know you did via Facebook status)?

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Third years talk about graduating from the CfJ


Recent graduates on their experiences at the University of Kent's Centre for Journalism

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Piece in today's Indy


Didn't post this sooner as I've got no internet at home, had a bit of shameless exploitation of my private life published today in the Independent.

PS: If I look tired in that photo, it's because I'm being propped up by tiny elves from the top of the garden. *zzz...*

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3rd yr printable newspaper, 2nd newsday


I've made an A4 version of our Spring term print newsday 'paper, but it's too big to upload to the site (and looks awful compressed further). I'll bring it on Weds on a USB if anyone wants a copy.

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Beginning of the end for online defamation?


"Is this a landmark moment for free speech online, with Twitter handing over confidential details of a user for the first time?" asks Rory Cellan-Jones, after Twitter's release of user information in a Californian court to lawyers acting for South Tyneside Council.

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