Shorthand Champions League: Season 2

First years and postgraduates will clash pens for the first time as the world's premier exhibition of competitive shorthand returns for a second season.

The group stage of the Shorthand Champions League kicks off at 10am next Friday for first years, and at noon for MAs.

Groups were drawn at a glitzy ceremony held in the Centre for Journalism's TV studio, overseen by Laura Garcia of the Central American Competitive Shorthand Federation (CACSF).

Group A

Adham Devenny, Olivia Eden-Brown, Annabelle Letten, Keilan Webster, Leah Wood

The Medway Mail and Metro: Grab your copy here

First and second year students combined to produce two newspapers packed with news, features and analysis yesterday.

The Medway Mail and the Medway Metro included fresh angles on some of the biggest stories in the county - the fear of fracking, the chaos of Operation Stack, the closure of a major Tesco store, the publication of school league tables and the plans to redevelop Rochester Airport.

They also led the way with some genuine exclusives, including a harrowing interview with a Holocaust survivor and outrage at sexualised clothes being targeted at children in Medway.

Two tribes go to war…

We can exclusively reveal the teams for the year one and two joint print newsday on Thursday, January 30.

Both groups will be producing a 16 page newspaper in the style of the Daily Mail. Teams will be edited by Rob and Ian. Ron Green has agreed to be an editor “at large” and promises to provide neutral advice (just remember we’ve worked together for years, Ron…).

NCTJ Portfolio briefing: new date

Those still seeking inspiration for a new year's resolution will find all the answers they need at a NCTJ Portfolio briefing from noon to 1pm on Friday, January 30.

The session will be held in the main newsroom, and will be a refresher on what the portfolio involves, how it's marked, and some pointers about writing and presentation.

For second years: This does not replace your normal Reporting class - after the portfolio session we'll talk about the next Reporting exam opportunity, in March.


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