Pout People!

A statue of Rebecca Hughes was built in the Centre for Journalism newsroom earlier today after it was revealed that Hughes successfully managed to “pout”.

The celebrations follow weeks of futile attempts to achieve this look. Speaking exclusively to the CfJ she said, “It’s been a really hard few weeks. I’m just so glad that I have finally learnt how to pout! Next step – how to walk in heels!”
Other attempts from staff members failed.


Nice one Becci.

In fact I thought the statue had greater resemblance to you than a lot of the waxwork statues you see in Madame Tussauds! I thought it was uncannily good.

As for walking in heels, just don't get pissed beforehand and walk through Rochester High Street! As simple as that haha.

PS Was Ian bladdered? haha.

By stuartwilson

drunk! I just have yet to master the skill of walking in heels. One thing at a time, chaps.

By Rebecca Hughes


Nah he wasn't at all! We were all just discussing the art of pouting he was encouraged to give it a go but we all laughed too much...end result? Very funny pic :P

Poor Ian will think we're picking on him, 1st the elf dance, now this?

By KathrynCain

I think I've definitely failed my assessment piece by now... 

I'm going to be heartbroken if my hat still isn't in the newsroom!

By Rebecca Hughes

Haha, brilliant. But how come I get no credit for building the thing? Ha!

By Nick Poskitt

It was just a little NIB, Nick. But you can add this bit on yourself...

The "mastermind" behind the statue was a Kent University student, Nick Poskitt. Unfortunately he couldn't work out which way the hat went and proceeded to place it backwards on the head... 

By Rebecca Hughes

At least I know how to work the Sellotape! Aha!

And you hate NIB :P

By Nick Poskitt