Jon Willams BBC World News Editor in conversation with John Mair, the third years and masters students this afternoon.

Here's the audio recording of a conversation held via skype this afternnoon between the postgrad newsroom and BBC TV Centre. Have a listen to the BBC World News Editor Jon Williams, to hear just what it takes to make it as a correspondent for BBC World News. 

Sara Malm: iWriter

Third year undergraduate Sara Malm's latest iWriter column appears in the Independent's compact edition today (Monday 5 December). It depicts the tough life of a Soho cocktail waitress during the Christmas drinking season. Sara's experience speaks plainly from every sentence and makes me very glad - not for the first time - that I'm not a banker (or 'bawwa' as waitresses apparently call them - you'll have to read the article for a translation of this particular modern insult ). Well done, Sara. This is a superb achievement so early in your career and an excellent advertisement for the Centre for Journalism.  

Sir Harold Evans on the 47-per-cent-free press

Back when he was a vigorously campaigning editor of the Sunday Times, Harold Evans gave a famous speech in which he described Britain's newspaper industry as the "half-free press". More than 30 years later, he thinks that current threats to journalism - particularly from the backlash over phone hacking - will mean we'll be back down to about 47 per cent free "if you want to be facetiously numerical about it." He told the Today programme why that's important. And why it's a "not a press issue, it's a people issue."


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