Journalists beware Churnalism

Harrassed and overworked journalists who are recycling press releases and not taking time to check stories will now be easy to identify thanks to a new site on churnalism launched by the Media Standards Trust . Alas some have already been caught out with fake stories on the Downing St cat. Chris Atkins, the director of 'Starsuckers', was to blame.  

Is Lovely Stephen Lawrence Becoming Just Another Device To Drive Web Traffic?

A special treat for those who love the eccentric Liz Jones's work, here is this marvellous parody of what happens to a writer who has written too many columns. There are almost too many highlights here, but the ketchup sticks in the mind. 

Same-day Surveys, Different results

The postgrads recently conducted an on-campus survey, to discover whether students think their courses are good value for money. Their findings clearly have huge implications for University course providers in the light of proposed rises in tuition fees. They came back with fascinating findings, and a useful lesson in reporting: statistics and surveys don't necesarily paint the full picture and can be highly subjective depending on who you ask.


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