Alpaca walking: a unique way to get back to nature or a new well-being fad?

Last Saturday, I found myself in a precarious position: the strong-willed alpaca I had on a leash was dragging me across the Kentish landscape of Yalding. No, this wasn’t a fever dream. Alpaca walking is the latest creative offering from the forever-innovative well-being industry.

Why We Love To Tear Women Down

With the infamous Depp v Heard trial set to end this Friday, I wonder why we are all gripping this story with hungry talons.

To the audience, this is a simple tale: a hero brought down by a scheming witch, a good man taken in by a bad woman.

As Chirs Rock announced onstage at the Oscars: "We should believe all women, just not Amber Heard". 

Deemed to be just a punchline, Heard has no chance of winning regardless of whether she is telling the truth or not.

The constant need to succeed as a dyslexic adult

I found out that I got an A in an exam today. I was so shocked by my good grade, I immediately picked up the phone to tell my mum the news.

“I’m proud of you, but you’re so frustrating”, my mum said in a slightly irritated tone. “Every time you hand in an assignment or an exam, you tell us it's the worst piece of work you’ve ever done. You try to convince us that you’re going to fail, but just like with this exam, you never do. When are you going to start believing in yourself?”