The Kerch Strait Bridge

Ukraine has won itself various victory’s in the area surrounding the city of Kharkiv, all but pushing the Russians back to the border. This puts Russia in a precarious position as the border is in the vicinity of Belgorod now a chink in the Russian supply chain. Whether Ukraine will attack Belgorod again is to be seen, but what these victories have caused is a discussion surrounding other weaknesses in the Russian supply chain. With the Kerch Strait Bridge that connects Crimea directly to Russia being a popular option for many.

Depression in the modern world

A blog looking at my experiences with people suffering from depression and people who self-harm.

The journalism illustrated in this blog is a combination of statistics and personal opinion: Fact and interpretation. It’s important to understand the impact of mental health and the expansive grip it has on the majority of the population, especially the new generations. So, if it affects you, find help here:

Glee's cultural impact - 13 years on

(this contains some spoilers)

May 19th marks 13 years since the pilot of the American musical comedy-drama show about an Ohio Spanish teacher’s dreams of leading a high school glee club to first place in the National Championships first made its way into the world. Hate it or love to hate it, Glee is seared permanently into the memories of anyone who watched it, willingly or not.