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A salutory lesson for Tweeting reporters

Hold The Front Page has the story of a junior reporter being sacked by Archant Newspapers after tweeting about the ongoing Savile sex abuse investigation.

The reporter had used Twitter to name an entertainer allegedly interviewed by officers working on Operation Yewtree, and had also re-tweeted a joke about the same individual.

Ethics in journalism in the spotlight again.

In the aftermath of the Leveson enquiry, I find it odd Martin Samuel of the Dailymail would publish such a misguided, offensive article, regarding homosexuality in football. The article was intended to be ironic and satirical, but stopped just short of suggesting footballer Joey Barton is a homosexual and also mocked the french accent. The footballer is considering whether or not to sue, and has requested an explanation from Samuel.


More jobs success for CfJ students

It's about time I did another round-up of Centre for Journalism students landing jobs, since we've had a number of successes since the last bulletin.

Simon Jayawardena, MA graduate from 2011, has moved to Sky News where he is working as a multimedia text producer.

Harriet Robinson, BA graduate from 2012, has signed a contract with the Hinkley Times as a reporter.