Invitation to attend live transmission of Radio 4's Media Show

On 20 June Radio 4's The Media Show will broadcast a special edition live from the Radio Theatre at Broadcasting House. They have  subtitled the event "Revolutions" because they are looking at the revolution that is taking place in how the news is reported. Media Show editor Richard Hooper hopes this will be of interest to students in the Centre for Journalism and he invites you to apply for free tickets via this link:

Amol Rajan, the BBC's Media Editor, who you will all recall from this year's Bob Friend Lecture, is presenter of the Media Show. He will be joined on 20 June by Fran Unsworth, the BBC's Director of News and Current Affairs and a panel of journalists who are disrupting the mainstream media. There'll be a chance for members of the audience to ask questions. After the broadcast there will also be an opportunity for you to meet Amol and ask questions.  I encourage you to apply. It is a great opportuniuty  

Falling from grace: How Twitter comes back to haunt those in the spotlight

Have you ever done something you’ve regretted? Said something you wish you could take back? Or even had a controversial thought that doesn’t reflect your beliefs?

(If you answered no to all of these, I don’t believe you.)

Well I’m part of the first generation of guinea pigs whose regrettable comments from my younger and less mature self are documented. In public. Forever.

I’m talking about the medicine and poison that is social media. The magic tool that has connected people all over the world, transformed lives in so many tremendous ways, but also ruined many too.

Why Mental Health Month isn't enough, from someone living with the 'black dog'

As I’m sure all of you will know, May started on Wednesday. What less of you may know, however, is that May is World Mental Health Month, or MHM for short.

This is a month in which everyone comes together to promote advocacy for mental health support, share their stories and raise money for charities such as Mind and CALM. Millions of pounds are raised every year in the UK alone and thousands of people share their stories and pitch in, whether that be doorstep work such as asking for donations or volunteering at their local Mind charity shop.