Climate change: Our lifestyle to blame, not carbon dioxide

We have to start living a human life should the human race continue living on this planet. I am talking about climate change, and yes it has more to do with our way of living than the emission of carbon dioxide, methane or any other greenhouse gases.

Technological advancements have been offering alternatives, but what we do not see or are reluctant to acknowledge is that often a solution to one problem gives rise to another. Here is a video where researchers provide technological solutions to global warming and then discuss the complications that may arise out of them.


Travel the world with a pack of cards

Every time I meet someone from a different country I ask them to teach me a card game from their homeland. It’s a wonderful piece of cultural tradition that lets me learn something about a place I’ve never been to, and it’s a good bit of fun! I’ve learnt how to play games from all over the world, and along the way I’ve learnt about what different cultures value in card games, where these games are typically played, and by whom.

The women’s health issue that no one talks about:

Vaginismus is a condition which involves the uncontrollable tightening of the vaginal muscles when there is an attempt to insert something. This can lead to pain and is the unconscious reaction to any type of penetration.

This can affect people’s relationships and lead to difficulty during menstruation as it may affect things like wearing a tampon.