Hedonistic Hysteria

A look at the rave culture, its formation, impact and legacy musically and culturally today. 


WATCHING HEATHER SMALL trot around BBC's Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday evoked memories of the former M People lead singer's dance talent of a different kind throughout the 1990s.

Paying for the Future

How will expensive reporting be paid for in the multimedia future? Can the web fund future Bob Woodwards and Paul Foots? I believe Centres like ours must contribute to the search for economic models that can preserve the quality and plurality of journalism. I've written about the topic at greater length today on the Guardian's CommentisFree website.  

The 'elite' future of the newspaper

The endgame for the newspaper is in sight, says Philip Meyer, hack-turned-professional-doomsayer and author of The Vanishing Newspaper. That 2005 book is commonly quoted as predicting April 2043 as the date on which the last New York Times appears - although in fact his model suggests the industry would have capitulated long before that.