Amazing opportunity to volunteer

Ethic Digital, a London based social enterprise that offers digital solutions to small charities is organising a free two-hour workshop at the Deptford lounge, 5 Giffin street, SE8 4RH, on the 27th April,2018 from 5.30 - 7.30pm.

The company needs a student volunteer to photograph at the event.  All travel expenses and dinner will be covered.  Interested? Send an email to or call 07388907299

The "Instagram" wedding

As if it is not enough pressure to be a young West African woman and not married. This will be the thought of many West African women who let society define what time it is appropriate to get married.

Today the trend is changing. It is, who can get married and have a luxorious ceremony that is Instagram worthy. In short, get thousands of likes and comments. 

The West African culture is a woman should be married and have children. The weddings were attended by mainly family and a few friends. The marriage ceremony is seen as a family affair.

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