The following students will go on work experience placements to the KM Group during the Easter Vacation: Jay Akbar, Peter Brown, Frances Christian-Acquaah, Anica Colbert, Michel'le Donnelly, Anthony Dunkley, Jessica Fleig, Clare Freeman, Huw Griffith, Alexander Maitland, Scott Mitchell, Tiia Mustonen, Tim New, Chloe Oram, Jemma Rogers, Tom Rowse, Tania Steere, Harley Tamplin, Agatha Yuen. 

The following students will have work experience placements in the summer vacation: Ferouz Berhe, Nicholas Duffy, Oprah Flash, Dwayne Gordon-Harris, Drew Mark, Danielle Morris, James Mullan, Sarina Iskandar.

Easter Work Placements are for two weeks. Group 1 will go between Monday 11 April and Friday 22 April. Group 2 will go between Monday 25 april and Friday 6 May. 


Group 1

Scott Mitchell - Sheerness newsroom (week 1 only) Wraik Hill newsroom Sports Desk (week 2 only)

Chloe Oram - Wraik Hill newsroom

Agathan Yuen Maidstone Newsroom

Tania Steere Maidstone Newsroom (week one

Tim New - Medway Newsroom

Anica Colbert - Medway Newsroom Newsonline

Tiia Mustonnen - Medway Newsrtoom Newsonline

Jemma Rogers - Gravesend Newsroom

 Huw Griffith - Ashford Newsroom


Group 2

Jay Akbar - Wraik Hill (sportsdesk in week one, newsdesk in week 2)

Peter Brown - Maidstone Newsroom

Anthony Dunkley - Maidstone Newsroom

Alexander Maitland - Medway Newsroom

Clare Freeman - Deal Newsroom (week one) Medway Newsroom (week two)

Michel'le Donnelly - Medway Kentonline

Frances Christian- Acquaah - Medway Kentonline

Jessica Fleig - Gravesend Newsroom

Harley Tamplin - Ashord Newsroom (week one) Sheerness newsroom (week two)

Tom Rowse - Thanet Newsroom 


Lesley Bellew, Managing Editor of the KM Group, will come to the Centre to explain what will be expected of you. If you'd like my adivce on how to get the very most out of your work epxerience placement please don't hesitate to ask.






What are the dates for the summer group's placements, or are they yet to be arranged?

Summer work experience dates are yet to be agreed. There will be an element of flexibility.

KM Group Work Placements