The South China Morning Post is now calling for internship applications for summer 2013. The deadline for international applications is December 31 2012 so I would suggest applying NOW. Click here for more info.

The South China Morning Post is an English broadsheet newspaper based in Hong Kong but is recognised all over the world. It is an incredibly prestigious newspaper and is one of the most profitable newspapers in the world. It is so bloated that as you enter the pristine entrance hall of the Tai Po office you are greeted by a two storey indoor waterfall. 

I was lucky enough to work with this newspaper over the summer and I had an absolutely amazing time. I sat right next to the editor of The SCMP’s Review magazine who would go through my stories with me personally. I was also able to cover some awesome stories. You will also get semi private lectures from Stephen Quinn. 

If you are successful in your application, you will be paid a competitive salary and I believe the SCMP will pay for your flights to Hong Kong. The internship usually lasts about 8-12 weeks. I know the website says that it would prefer you to be able to speak English, Cantonese and/or Mandarin but many of the interns last year could only speak English. 

Applications can be emailed to or mailed to Internship Programme, Editorial Department, 4/F Morning Post Centre, 22 Dai Fat Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, New Territories, Hong Kong.

A word of warning: just because this is a foreign newspaper that many of you may not have heard of, it does not mean you should be complacent in your application. The SCMP often receives applications from students studying at Oxbridge and Ivy League universities.

Oh, and do your research!!! If you don’t know who Xi Jinping or C.Y. Leung are then you better start wikiing!!     If any of you are really serious about applying I would be more then happy to give you any advice/info about my experience! 


Hi Jemma, I just received an offer from SCMP and am delighted to know I will be one of their interns this summer! :) Can you please tell me more about your experience there? 

Hi there! I am so sorry I don't really go on the cfj website so often anymore! 

Firstly, congratulations! Do you know if you will be based in the Tai Po Market or Causeway Bay office? How well do you know Hong Kong? 

I will be based in Tai Po! Even though I much prefer Causeway bay haha 

Where were you based in? 

I'm from HK so I know the city pretty well! Do you mind giving me your email? Perhaps we could chat there instead? :)

Sure - my email is

I was based in Tai Po too :p the commute was a killer but the work and the people are more fun ;)

South China Morning Post Internship Opportunities