Hitler's Pope(s)

I've been having fun on the Guardian's Comment is Free site today ( http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2008/oct/10/religion-catholicism ) criticising Pope Benedict XVI for his frantic efforts to make a saint of his wartime predecessor Pius XII. I think the Vatican's conduct in the era of Fascism and Nazism was unpardonable. I resent profoundly its refusal to open its archives to professional historians.   

Moral Hazard

Amid collapsing banks, yo-yoing share prices and widespread insecurity it is natural to look for a culprit. The difficult bit is choosing the villain. Did the banks - particularly the de-mutualised building societies - completely lose touch with reality in their hunger to expand market share? Should their senior executives shoulder all the blame, or is there such a thing as political responsibility?


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