This message just in from Val Harper, foreign manager at the Sunday Times: On behalf of the Tom Walker Trust, The Sunday Times would like to invite proposals from your journalism students suggesting a foreign news story. They should submit their entry by email directly to me, they can submit more than one idea. The closing date is July 1st, 2010. They also need to attach their CV with their entry. The Tom Walker Trust was started a few years ago in memory of our dear colleague.  This special award offers a great opportunity to a student wishing to tackle foreign affairs and to develop his or her own idea for a report in the field. The winner will receive £1,000, four weeks experience on the foreign desk at The Sunday Times and the chance to work with a senior correspondent as well as doing his/her own assignment. 

The trustees of the TWT will announce the shortlist of names in July and those names will be invited to attend a final interview here at our offices in July/August. The winner will be announced shortly afterwards.Should you require any further details please do not hesitate to contact me.

Val's number is 020 7782 5701 and her e-mail is  I encourage undergraduates with excellent ideas to apply for this superb opportunity. I'm willing to discuss proposals. One condition: make sure you know who Tom Walker was and what he did before you knock on my door.  I've provided a link as a starting point. You should read some of his work as well.   

Tom Walker Foreign News Award