I have just shown a condom to two of my friends from Hong Kong. You may ask why “show”?

They have never seen a condom before.


The sex education in Hong Kong is to ignore and deny sex.

It is not even ignorance, its beyond that – its denial and distortion. The schools teach the pupils that sex is evil, and that they should never have sex before marriage. For 20 years I thought having sex before marriage was actually illegal. But I am glad that I have basic knowledge of sex which I learnt from pornography, I know how condom works and how sex works. A lot of students in HK – They don’t even know the structure of their vagina.

Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city. As modern as it seems, we still have the traditional taboo of discussing sex. People cringe and look away when you discuss sex. Even biology teachers feel uncomfortable teaching about sexual intercourse. Some Christian schools distort sex as satanic, saying its lust, and people will get punished. I’ve heard students being kicked out of school because they have been found out having sex at home, AT. HOME. Hong Kong is cosmopolitan, It is International. It is Modern.

Ironic, isn’t it?

I am an atheist, I respect that Christianity set rules about having sex before marriage is a sin and that homosexuality is a sin, its their belief, I don’t care. Every religion has their own agenda.

One thing that irritates me most are the Christian schools. They basically use propaganda to ingrain their interpretation on sex into the students.

What I cannot stand is how the Christian schools distorted the rules that sex in general is a sin and should be forbidden. They always refer sex as the forbidden fruit in Adam & Eve, but that is not what the bible said. They promoted this idea by punishing students for mentioning sex, they deliberately ignore sex education.

One absurd example was when I was in secondary school, I saw a condom in biology class. We were in the biology lab, the teacher gave each group 3 different brands of condom, only condoms, no banana, no dildos – Only condoms.

Did the teacher teach us how to put condom on?


Did he explain how it works?


We filled them with water until they burst, record the time and find out which condom has the highest tension.

Pathetic and infuriating.

Well, on the bright side, at least every student in my year had seen a condom in real life.

But still, that was useless. Only the biology students in high school would learn about some contraceptive methods. The students who didn’t choose biology learn nothing but only the strongest condom.

Saying that, we didn’t learn about contraception for the sake of contraception. We learnt it for exams, we had to memorise the hormones in birth control pills, and how IUD works, etc.

After all, it was all useless.

I have never thought sex education is so important until university. The condom broke, I didn’t know what to do, I panicked, I cried. I didn’t know the basic knowledge when things like this happen. It feels like I was in an accident but didn’t know the emergency number.

I forgot to mention – abortion is illegal in Hong Kong. I will let you work this out.


I tear open the package, revealing the opague condom soaked in slimy lubricant.

“Ew! Why is it so slippery and slimy?” My friends asked.

“Its lubricant, it helps you….”

“Whats lubricant?” They asked simultaneously.






Catherine Tang 

Journalist student at the University of Kent

Well they just continue to examine the condom curiously.  loool

What does condom look like?