The one most important lesson I have learned since becoming an adult is that we are all just children with responsibilities.
              Not in the sense that we run around playing in an imaginative world and take the time out of our day to color and have nap time, but in a way that suggests we only want to have fun too.
              I love being busy and having responsibilities that keep me in check, but I also love to have a good time and forget all about said responsibility.
              Video games are the adult version of playing house. Nap time is just a quick rest after a long day instead of a ritual our parents put us through because they need just one hour of peace after dealing with our energetic and imaginative childish minds.
              Drinking and partying and regretting it all the next day is the same thing as feeling dangerous when staying up all night at a friends house and going home the next day tired and exhausted.
              We all still do things that keep us happy. We make jokes, and hang out with friends, and shrug off all of our responsibilities because it feels more rewarding to have fun.
              But another thing I have learned as an adult is that is good to finally not be a kid. I am allowed to make my own decisions, keep track of my own belongings, feel the reward for buying something new that I have earned the money for, being able to go to school for something I want rather than subjects forced upon me.
              Being an adult means more freedom than you ever had as a kid, even if you didn’t quite realise it at the time. As a kid you felt free to have fun and had little to worry about. But as an adult, the things you do worry about and stress over are the same things that give you the best sense of accomplishment.
              I loved my childhood. And often I wish I could go back. But every time I do something like put a down payment on a rental house for the next year with friends that I love or buy a nice speaker for my music because I earned the money to do that, it becomes all too clear that this is a far more rewarding time.

Adults are really just children with responsibilities