Six people have been killed in London over the last seven days. Since the start of the new year there has been an unfortuneate rise in the number of deaths in London as a result to knife crime.

The met police have put out statments reassuring the public that they have everything under control, but for most people in the capital that doesn’t seem to be enough.

Some people are saying it’s the parents that need to take control of their children, because most of the standings are amongst young people aged 15 - 21 years old.

Others are blaming the schools, apparently there’s not enough discipline and the young people have too much freedom.

Oh, and the we can’t forget to blame the media. Some people are suggesting that there are too many bad influences in pop culture that are corrupting the minds of these young.

It’s very hard to pin point one cause, and I think we have to take into consideration everything listed abou ve as possible contributing factors.

And then after this has been outlined there needs to be a solution. If it is not solely the fault of the police’ control then we surely cannot feel safe if none of the other contributing factors aren’t being dealt with.

With that said the question still remains...

Can anyone save London?

Can anyone save London?