Hello everyone,

We received news about this offer from Tortoise Media to all CfJ students - do take a look.  

We at Tortoise do ‘slow news’ – rather than chasing every headline, we take the time to follow the whole story and examine the forces that drive it.  In addition to our regular newsletters, we also host live events called ThinkIns and produce audio stories and podcasts.

Part of our mission is to reach and represent diverse voices, especially from those often forgotten or underrepresented by traditional media. To this end, we offer a number of complimentary Tortoise memberships to students to bring them into our newsroom and engage them with a more considered form of journalism. Students can redeem the offer here with a valid student or apprentice email and use the invite code HAVEYOURSAY. We don’t believe in tiny fine print so no bank details are taken to sign up for the complementary year of access to our articles, podcasts, and events. We would really appreciate it if you could share this with your journalism students at the University of Kent.

We also run a Student Ambassador Programme that might be of interest  to your students.  Students in this programme:

  • Pitch ideas for stories from their campus
  • Network with and earn spots on training programme with Tortoise reporters, editors and staff
  • Organise and host ThinkIn screenings on campus as a means to develop a network of like minded students to discuss the topics of the day with.
  • Boost their CVs with skills ranging from events and business growth to marketing
  • Gain early access to job opportunities at Tortoise
Interested students should send an email to students@tortoisemedia.com with the subject line “Student Ambassador Application”, and attach their CV and a short paragraph on why they’d like to be a Tortoise ambassador.

Tortoise Media: Opportunities and free membership for a year