Matt Charles nominated for national prize

Huge congratulations to Matt Charles, second year student on the BA in Journalism and Deputy Editor of the Medwire, who has reached the shortlist for NUS Student Journalist of the Year. Full details of the shortlist are here To get this far is a huge achievement and we wish Matt the very best of luck in the final round.

Jobs roundup

The Centre for Journalism has a reputation for producing graduates who get excellent jobs, but the real credit is due to our students who work so hard to convert their education into professional opportunity. This year there are several who have reason to celebrate before they have received their final results. So big cheers for: Jay Akbar, who is working shifts at Sky News; Matt McKew, Trainee Reporter on the Isle of Wight County Press; Scott Mitchell, journalist with Autocar Magazine; Harley Tamplin, Trainee Reporter on the West Sussex County Times; Tiia Mustonen, now Nordic Correspondent Research Europe; Tania Steere who has secured one of the most prized traineeships in British journalism as a Trainee Reporter on the Daily Mail, and Tara Nichelle who has won a place as a Communications Intern at the United Nations in Geneva. Well done all. If anyone else has good news to share we would love to hear about it.

FAO All students - Please backup ALL of your files before the summer break.

During the summer we are hoping to refurbish the CFJ newsrooms with beautiful, gleaming new Imac computers. Mmmm - Nice!

This means that the PC's that you all currently use will be gone by july.

I know that all of you backup your files to your own machines and external hard drives but remind you that it is essential that you have all of the work you have created stored on your own media before the end of June 2013 - it will not be available once the computers have been replaced.

Note about concessions

At this time of year, it's not uncommon for misconceptions to circulate about the concessions process. So it's  worth reminding students of where they can find information about  the system.

It is explained clearly in your student handbooks, and is also set out here on the main University web site.

For the avoidance of doubt: individual coursework marks will never be 'adjusted' by the marker on the grounds that a concession form has been submitted.


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