What bothers me about the Paris Brown saga

The storm surrounding the Mail on Sunday’s scoop about the country’s first Youth Police and Crime Commissioner began during a live interview on BBC Breakfast.

Kent PCC Ann Barnes, keen to show off her new invention, was asked whether a teenager with a criminal record could have been handed the £15,000pa role. She wriggled a little. Minor crimes wouldn’t have been a barrier, she said. “But Paris is as white as the driven snow.”

Introducing the Daily Mail undergraduate scholarship

Now here's something to send our current second years away for the vacation with a spring in their step. The Centre for Journalism is delighted to announce the Daily Mail undergraduate scholarship, which will be up for grabs for final year students for the next academic year.

This immensely prestigious prize will include £5,000 in cash and a precious work placement at the Daily Mail.

Final Deadline for Third Year NCTJ Portfolios is Monday May 13

The absolute final deadline by which any third years wishing to submit an NCTJ portfolio is Monday May 13. I will not mark any portfolios submitted after this date. The portfolios MUST be submitted in absolute finished form, with all the right sheets filled in, work experience forms at the back filled in (both - yours and your news editor's), word document versions of pieces signed off by tutors or editors, audio/video submissions in playable format as I will NOT come chasing after you for more work on incomplete or unfinished portfolios.


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