Digitising DV video tapes in the undergraduate newsroom.

I have set up a dedicated 'digitising station' for students to transfer video footage they have shot onto a computer for editing. As many of the cameras are no longer communicating with the PCs there is now a DV player connected to the computer by the second (locked) door in the undergrad newsroom. I have laminated printed instructions for how to use this equipment and stuck them on the workstation.

They read as follows:-

Medway's drag racing is decadent and depraved

Medway MessengerToday's Medway Messenger features an impressive investigation into illegal drag racing, written by second year student Matt Charles.

His story delves deep into Medway's underworld, exposing how 300 young petrolheads regularly meet on the Medway City Estate to compete in drag and drift races, including interviews with people who have taken part.

Telegraph investigation shines a light on councillors and planning

The Daily Telegraph is running a series of exposes of the questionable practices of local councillors and planning officers. Interesting, in as much as you don't often see a national broadsheet go undercover to turn its attention to local government - they will usually go for MPs.


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