Year 2 briefings for Year 3 elective modules

Over the next couple of days, we'll do a series of briefings for Year 2 students about their elective choices for next year.

On Friday at 12noon in the main newsroom, Sarah Lonsdale will talk about her module the Depiction of the Journalist in Fiction (JN510), and Rob Bailey will talk about his Sports Journalism module (JN512).

On Monday at 2pm in the main newsroom, I will talk about Advanced Multimedia Storytelling (JN506) and Richard will talk about Reporting Conflict (JN509).

Digitising DV video tapes in the undergraduate newsroom.

I have set up a dedicated 'digitising station' for students to transfer video footage they have shot onto a computer for editing. As many of the cameras are no longer communicating with the PCs there is now a DV player connected to the computer by the second (locked) door in the undergrad newsroom. I have laminated printed instructions for how to use this equipment and stuck them on the workstation.

They read as follows:-


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