Third year project published in national magazine

Another first for the Centre for Journalism. The January and February issues of Military History magazine contain a two-part feature by Melanie Wimmer, who graduated last year from the BA programme.

The feature, headlined 'Grandpa was not a Nazi', looks at the testimonies of some of the last remaining living witnesses of the German generation that grew up under Hitler and was Melanie's Third Year project in the final year of her degree.

All third year students are briefed that their project should be fit for publication in a real journalism outlet - magazine, newspaper, TV or radio documentary, or online publication. As Melanie has proved, the best of them genuinely are.

Kent Messenger vacancy

The Kent Messenger is advertising a vacancy for a trainee reporter at its Maidstone office on Hold The Front Page - closing date February 4.

Requirements are 100wpm shorthand and NCTJ preliminary qualifications. This would be an ideal first job for any graduates (or soon-to-be graduates) from the Centre.

It is also, of course, my old patch. Anyone with any questions about it can grab me for a chat.

Kathryn Cain Q and A

Kathryn Cain graduated from the Centre in June 2011 with an excellent BA and a full set of passes in her NCTJ exams - including Court Reporting and 120 wpm shorthand. She is now a reporter with Bedfordshire on Sunday and Bedford Midweek. In the main undergraduate newsroom on Wednesday 30 Jan. at 1pm, Kat will talk about her job and answer any questions about how to make sure you get one too. Please come. These sessions are invaluable to all who aspire to success in journalism.

Print news day teams and details

The combined print news day for years one and two will be held on Friday, February 1.

You will be creating a 20 page evening newspaper in the style of the Daily Mail. It is a regional paper, with an eye on national and international news. Deadline is 5pm.

Editors will be Ian and myself, although some of you will be called upon to deputise. Roles will be sorted out at each team's first conference next week.

So, without further ado, here are the teams...

Precedent or exception? A few thoughts on the Mark Hales court case

Earlier today, the motoring journalist Mark Hales was found by a court to be liable for the damage done to the engine of a Porsche 917 he was driving for a magazine feature.

I know not enough of the case to enter the specifics, but the key question was this: Did the engine blow because the experienced Hales was driving (i.e. he missed a gear), or did it blow simply while he was behind the wheel (i.e. an unavoidable mechanical failure)? The court held it was the former, and he is now facing a six-figure bill for repairs.


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